A Mindful Holiday Season

For some the holiday season is busy and overwhelming.  For others it’s lonely and sad.  Regardless of what the holidays bring for you, here is a list of things to try that may help you stay present, regulate your emotions (whatever they are), and perhaps have a moment of joy here and there.  Just remember [...]

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Spring Mindfulness

Contributed by the Princeton Center for DBT Tuesday night skills training group:

These are suggestions for practicing Mindfulness and building postive experiences throughout the spring season:

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Mindful Planning

The holiday season is once again upon us. The rational part of me says, “Everything will be fine, you’ll get it all done in time, no problem.” The emotional part reminds me of how quickly it sneaks up and how crazy and frantic it feels in those weeks leading up to it. I’m trying stay [...]

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Fall Mindfulness

A list of ideas to practice being mindful through the fall season:

Observe and describe the colors of the leaves

Observe and describe the smell of apple pie baking

Observe and describe the taste of warm apple cider

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