COLLEGE STUDENTS DBT SUMMER PROGRAM (2018) For new and returning college students to help prepare them for the challenges of entering or re-entering college life.

DBT skills can help new or returning college students manage the intense emotions that often come with these transitions. Through discussion, creative activities, and experiential exercises, this group will teach the skills that are most relevant to the needs of college students.

• Monitor your moods
• Make wise choices
• Learn to focus your attention
• Participate fully

Emotion Regulation:
• Manage emotions day to day
• Practice Self-Care
• Solve problems effectively

Interpersonal Effectiveness:
• Advocate for yourself
• Make friends
• Manage difficult relationships
• End Interfering relationships

Distress Tolerance:
• Manage intense emotions
• Reduce impulsive behaviors

When: Mondays,  June 4 – August 6, 2018

4:00pm– 6:00pm

Where: Princeton Center for DBT and Counseling  – 245 Nassau Street, Unit C, Princeton NJ 08540