An 8-week DBT informed skills & support group for eating, weight, and body issues (Fall 2018)

This group offers skills and support for individuals struggling with food, weight and body image issues. Through teaching, discussion, and practice, group participants learn to apply DBT skills and concepts to help balance acceptance of themselves and their body, with making changes that are healthy and sustainable.

• Develop mindful awareness of thoughts, judgments, and self-defeating behaviors
• Attend to eating and self-care with wisdom and compassion
• Begin or continue your personal journey toward body acceptance

Distress Tolerance:
• Develop skills to replace mindless eating
• Learn to recognize triggers and plan and prepare for more effective behavior
• Practice willingness in our lives and radical acceptance of ourselves and our body

Emotion Regulation:
• Reduce emotional vulnerability that leads to compulsive behavior
• Plan and cope ahead for challenging situations
• Learn to be with emotional experience and not suppress or distract from it

Interpersonal Effectiveness:
• Advocate for yourself
• Make friends
• Manage difficult relationships
• End Interfering relationships

Walking the Middle Path:
• Find balance, move away from all or nothing
• Reduce self-defeating behaviors and shape new, more effective ones

When: Wednesdays,  September 26 – November 28, 2018

5:30pm– 7:30pm

Where: Princeton Center for DBT  – 245 Nassau Street, Unit C, Princeton NJ 08540