Our Groups

Adult DBT Skills Group: These groups are appropriate for adults ages 18 and older, men and women. The skills of Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation and Interpersonal Effectiveness are taught in a weekly 90-minute session. These groups consist of teaching, experiential learning and discussion, with the goal of helping participants learn and incorporate the DBT skills into regular practice.

Adolescent DBT Skills Sampling and Support: This group is appropriate for adolescents of all ages and is intended for both the DBT experienced and the novice. Weekly 60-minute sessions will include a sampling of skills from each of the DBT modules which are reviewed and reinforced through discussion and experiential learning.

Graduate Adult DBT Skills Support Group: This group is intended to support the DBT graduate with continuing the practice of skills once they have completed the comprehensive skills training. A monthly 90-minute session offers the opportunity to practice and discuss what’s working and what is challenging participants in their regular application of the skills.

See the “Skills Training” section of the FAQs for more details.


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Adult DBT Skills Group Monday 12:00 PM Princeton.
Adult DBT Skills Group Tuesday 6:00 PM Princeton
Adult DBT Skills Group Wednesday 11:00 AM Princeton
Graduate Adult DBT Skills Support Group Wednesday 6:00 PM Princeton
Adult DBT Skills Group Thursday 10:00 AM Princeton
Adolescent DBT Skills Group Thursday 6:00 PM Princeton

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