March is notorious for being a month of unpredictable weather.  We’re never quite sure if we will have winter or spring.  Some early spring flowers pop right through the snow, determined to have their season regardless of the temperature or conditions.  March represents a real dialect – the promise of longer days and warmer temps and the reminder that the cold and dampness of winter is not yet behind us.

This time of year requires a certain flexibility and openness to change that we don’t have to have quite so much of other times of the year.  We are forced to accept that two things that appear to be opposite are both true and can co-exist – two seasons at the same time.  How do we survive March without going crazy?  Our wardrobes are in a constant state of flux  – one day short sleeves and open toes and the next back to turtlenecks and boots.  Do we haul our spring wardrobe out and freeze on colder days or do we just wear the winter stuff and sweat a little more?

Like any dialect this one can be resolved by allowing two opposites to co-exist and accept that both are true.  It is neither completely winter nor is it completely spring.  We need both our winter clothes and our spring clothes.  Essentially, we need to be flexible and move with the changing conditions back and forth, and in and out.

If we fight it and will only accept one or the other – all or nothing – we suffer.  Because the one thing that remains true in life is that there is no absolute truth.  Things just aren’t black and white.  So March may or may not come in like a lion and go out like a lamb.  It may be both on and off throughout the month.  And the more we can allow this “both, and” instead of “either, or” approach to life in general, the greater our capacity for peace in our lives.